Friday, November 27, 2009

Submissions Guidelines

Imagine Literary Magazine is looking for well-written stories and poems as well as creative art and photography by young people, with a loose age guideline of 13-18 (If you're a few years out of that range, don't worry, your work can still be published). On occasion, Imagine Literary Magazine will publish works by adults, but please note that submissions of young people are given an advantage. The magazine is primarily meant for a children and teen audience.

When in doubt, send your work in!

Story Guidelines:
Stories can be any fiction genre (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, humor, contemporary, and historical just to name some). Nonfiction is only accepted if the story is written in a narrative form. Stories can range anywhere in length, but under 2,000 words is a flexible maximum. Please send your best work, and make sure the story is carefully edited and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Poetry Guidelines:
It is much harder to give concrete guidelines for poetry. All different forms of poetry are accepted. Just make sure to keep to a reasonable length. Poems should be your best, fully-edited work.

Art and Photography Guidelines:
Imagine Literary Magazine accepts drawings and sketches, and pretty much any form of art and photography. Art can be done in pen and pencil, but it is much more preferable if it is done in full color. The maximum size for art and photography is 8" by 11". You will have a better chance of getting published if you joint-submit (write a story and illustrate/submit a photo with it). Please see the cover art contest post (coming soon!) for an opportunity to have your artwork or photography featured on the front cover!

Submissions format:
Send all work by email to Include your name (either first name, first name and last initial, or full name), and age in the email. Location is optional ( you may include your country, or city, or state, or province) if you wish it to appear next to your name in the magazine.

Specifics for Written Work:
Format all submissions in Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced, and with a creative title that is fitting for your work. The work can either be sent in the body of the email (cut and paste from Word), or as a Word attachment.

Specifics for Artwork and Photography:
Send uploaded artwork and photos to Preferred format is JPEG or TIFF format. You may include a title or short description of your work if you deem it necessary.

Regarding Multiple Submissions:
You are more than welcome to send in more than one submission at a time. Joint-submissions (story with an illustration or photo) are encouraged and often have a better chance at publication. You may work together with a friend on a joint-submission, but make sure you include BOTH of your names and ages, and email the work together in one email.

Not all work submitted will be published. This is why you must make sure to send in your very best work. You will be notified by email if your submission is accepted or rejected. If your work is rejected, please do NOT be discouraged. Keep at it, and continue sending your work to Imagine Literary Magazine.

Please allow several weeks response time following your submission. Since Imagine Literary Magazine is a quarterly publication and is published in the months of June, October, January, and April, some accepted submissions may not be published immediately. They may instead appear in the following issue.

Imagine Literary Magazine reserves the right to edit all submitted work. Work that is not original or has been plagiarized will be disqualified from consideration. So PLEASE only send YOUR work, and yours alone.

Any Questions?
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