Sunday, August 15, 2010


From now on, please visit for information concerning Imagine. I won't be updating this blog anymore, and may delete it in the weeks to come.

Also, I'm now accepting submissions for the August/September issue--which is coming up fairly soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Debut issue now available!

The first issue has been uploaded to the publishers. If you are a contributor, I will be emailing you shortly about receiving a free issue in print.

In the meanwhile, you may purchase the issue here, or preview it if you're eager to see what it looks like. In order to do so click on the picture below or follow this link:.

If you're intending to buy a copy, hurry! There's a holiday sale going on and it'll be priced at a discounted $4.79 until January 10th.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Results of the Cover Voting!

Right, so there was a three way tie in between #2, #6, and the castle cover.

And using my (totally NON-tyrannical) executive powers of decision, I choose #2.


It's a beautiful photo by lovely Ms. Emilia. As one commenter said--it does fit in rather well with the first issue, the beginning.

Here it is in all it's glory :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Voting on Covers. Gogogogo!


Right. Photoshop froze on me again and destroyed two and a half of the covers I was working on. But I realized there were already 7 possibles. And honestly I think the ones I haven't laid my grubby hands on look better. So I will stop goading photoshop and leave them just how they are.

I might change things slightly when the cover is decided on--for instance make the font bigger or a different color because it's not showing up well, but as of now I just want to decide on a cover. I'll fix the little details later.

So it's up to you guys to vote and decide what cover you want. (no pressure). It's only the first thing everyone sees before they read anything inside. NO PRESSURE AT ALL :p

Things to keep in mind when you vote:

1) If the cover is eyecatching or prettiful or MAKES YOU WANT TO READ THE STUFF INSIDE. That's the cover we want.

2) This is prolly not as important--but if the cover fits in with the theme of "Imagine". Imagination.

3) But mostly pick the prettiest one, okay?

UPDATE: I have added in a new cover! If you want the cover below, you must vote in the comments since I can't change the poll options.

Clean photos I haven't messed with, all submitted by lovely lovely lovely photographers/artists :)





Photos I
have altered, probably for the worse.

Wow, um. I don't know what I was trying to do here. Make it seem like a statue was coming to life.


This I dunno about this either. I mean, colored fountain as "imagination"? Lol. This was the one I was halfway through with when photoshop froze on me.

I was trying to fit in with the "imagine" theme here., like a portal from an archway to modern times. But yeah...o.0. I dunno...Also, this is the only cover made entirely by stock photos, not by something submitted.

NOTE: The clean version of all the photo-covers not picked are going into the magazine anyways, since they're AWESOME photos.

The two covers I was working on that got lost:
1) Picture of fall trees by lake with the reflection being a castle instead of...trees. (stock photos) REDONE AND ADDED INTO THE VOTING SELECTION :)
2) The transformation of a ancient temple into a skyscraper. (stockphotos)



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photos wanted!

Attn: teen photographers! Or writers who dabble in photography :D

I'd love to have more photos submitted.

They can either be photo submissions on a topic of your choice--as long as they're high quality photos. And I'm still considering the cover, so a photo submitted *may* go on the front cover of the magazine!

It'd also be beyond awesome if there were photo submissions of the following, since they go along with the short stories appearing in the next issue:

1. A teenage girl dancing ballet
2. A boy and girl kissing/close together under a peach tree/some sort of tree at twilight/nighttime.
3. Something that encompasses "Endeavor"
4. The theme of love
5. Sky at night
6. Nature pictures
7. Girl in a dress
8. Park and bench with young boy on it.

But those are just pictures that would go along with the stories/poetry.

I'd love to see submissions on just about anything too--be creative!

Email in JPEG or TIFF format to, with your name, age, and city or state of residence. See the submissions guidelines in the posts below for more detailed instructions.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Get your submissions in soon!

I've already started designing the magazine and hope for it to be done by the end of this week. That means you need to submit as soon as possible if you have any short stories, poems, artwork, or photos that you'd like to be published.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Submissions Guidelines

Imagine Literary Magazine is looking for well-written stories and poems as well as creative art and photography by young people, with a loose age guideline of 13-18 (If you're a few years out of that range, don't worry, your work can still be published). On occasion, Imagine Literary Magazine will publish works by adults, but please note that submissions of young people are given an advantage. The magazine is primarily meant for a children and teen audience.

When in doubt, send your work in!

Story Guidelines:
Stories can be any fiction genre (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, humor, contemporary, and historical just to name some). Nonfiction is only accepted if the story is written in a narrative form. Stories can range anywhere in length, but under 2,000 words is a flexible maximum. Please send your best work, and make sure the story is carefully edited and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Poetry Guidelines:
It is much harder to give concrete guidelines for poetry. All different forms of poetry are accepted. Just make sure to keep to a reasonable length. Poems should be your best, fully-edited work.

Art and Photography Guidelines:
Imagine Literary Magazine accepts drawings and sketches, and pretty much any form of art and photography. Art can be done in pen and pencil, but it is much more preferable if it is done in full color. The maximum size for art and photography is 8" by 11". You will have a better chance of getting published if you joint-submit (write a story and illustrate/submit a photo with it). Please see the cover art contest post (coming soon!) for an opportunity to have your artwork or photography featured on the front cover!

Submissions format:
Send all work by email to Include your name (either first name, first name and last initial, or full name), and age in the email. Location is optional ( you may include your country, or city, or state, or province) if you wish it to appear next to your name in the magazine.

Specifics for Written Work:
Format all submissions in Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced, and with a creative title that is fitting for your work. The work can either be sent in the body of the email (cut and paste from Word), or as a Word attachment.

Specifics for Artwork and Photography:
Send uploaded artwork and photos to Preferred format is JPEG or TIFF format. You may include a title or short description of your work if you deem it necessary.

Regarding Multiple Submissions:
You are more than welcome to send in more than one submission at a time. Joint-submissions (story with an illustration or photo) are encouraged and often have a better chance at publication. You may work together with a friend on a joint-submission, but make sure you include BOTH of your names and ages, and email the work together in one email.

Not all work submitted will be published. This is why you must make sure to send in your very best work. You will be notified by email if your submission is accepted or rejected. If your work is rejected, please do NOT be discouraged. Keep at it, and continue sending your work to Imagine Literary Magazine.

Please allow several weeks response time following your submission. Since Imagine Literary Magazine is a quarterly publication and is published in the months of June, October, January, and April, some accepted submissions may not be published immediately. They may instead appear in the following issue.

Imagine Literary Magazine reserves the right to edit all submitted work. Work that is not original or has been plagiarized will be disqualified from consideration. So PLEASE only send YOUR work, and yours alone.

Any Questions?
Please email